The baby blanket BAMBINO / BAMBINO was created primarily to ensure a healthy long-term sleep of your child. An important factor was also the recommendations of pediatricians who say that the best material for touching the delicate skin of a baby is natural cotton, which perfectly "breathes", removing moisture from the body into the surrounding atmosphere. Gentle and soft, perfectly preserves heat and ventilates, easily rubs off and dries quickly, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly - these are the main properties of a baby mattress BAMBINO is made by Matroluxe.



Cover - quilted natural cotton fabric

Filling - 100% cotton

*The manufacturer reserves the right, without notice to the consumer, to make changes in the design of products to improve their technological and operational parameters.The type of products may slightly differ from those presented in the photographs.
Product code 2699
Sizes 110х140 cm
Main material 100% natural cotton
Cover Natural quilted cotton cloth
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