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Type of couchette
The mechanism of folding
Box for linen
Frame material
Диван Сильвер
Sofa Silver
Price from: 483  EUR
Reviews: 8
Sofa Baltika
Price from: 289  EUR
Reviews: 0
Sofa Magnolia
Price from: 225  EUR
Reviews: 0
Диван Прайм
Sofa Prime
Price from: 685  EUR
Reviews: 6
Sofa angular Baltika
Price from: 372  EUR
Reviews: 0
Купить диван Элис с поворотным механизмом
Sofa angular ALICE
Price from: 486  EUR
Reviews: 29
Sofa angular ALICE Plus
Price from: 535  EUR
Reviews: 0
Диван БРИДЖ / BRIDGE без подголовников
Sofa angular BRIDGE without headrests
Price from: 901  EUR
Reviews: 4
Купить диван STRIT / СТРИТ
Price from: 269  EUR
Reviews: 6
Диван STRIT / СТРИТ Весна
Sofa STRIT Vesna
Price from: 235  EUR
Reviews: 15
Sofa Diana Vesna
Price from: 219  EUR
Reviews: 0
Диван DIANA 1 / ДИАНА 1
Sofa DIANA 1
Price from: 239  EUR
Reviews: 11
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