Ultrathin mattress TOPPER-FUTON 4 is the creation of specialists of the company Matroluxe, which can become a useful and functional acquisition in your home. The product can be used as a separate sleeping surface, but can be used as an accessory to increase the comfort of existing mattresses. The model is two-sided, but each side has a different degree of rigidity. This is achieved using materials such as high-density polyurethane foam and coconut fiber. Such "insides" are well ventilated, allowing your bed to always remain as fresh as possible. All components are eco-friendly and do not cause allergic reactions. Therefore, anyone who begins to rest on such a mattress, will be completely safe. In view of this, this sleeping surface can be used even in cots or used to create a play area on the floor.

Technical specifications: Internal filling:

Ultrathin mattress
Type of mattress: ultrathin bilateral
Height – 7 сm

Cover made of quilted jacquard
High density polyurethane foam
Coconut fiber latex

You might want to use the Topper Futon 4 mattress in some other way - please. The main thing is not to miss the opportunity to order this model in the online store Matroluxe.


Attention! Calculating the cost of a non-standard mattress, the dimensions of which are less than 500 mm in width and / or less than 1500 mm in length, is made according to an individual scheme

*The manufacturer reserves the right, without notice to the consumer, to make changes in the design of products to improve their technological and operational parameters.The type of products may slightly differ from those presented in the photographs.
Product code 339
Type of mattress Bilateral
Height 7 cm
Option summer/winter no
Layer 1 Penopoliuretan of high density
Layer 2 Lateksirovannaya coconut coir
Strengthening steel frame no
Strengthening euroframe no
Removable cover no
The inner protective cover no
Material outer sheath Jacquard
Type firmware external cover Quilted
Product warranty Extended
Color white
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матрас достаточно жесткий и перекрыл перекладини на диване!
Даже не ожидала, что он так идеально выровняет кровать.
Хороший, жесткий с обеих сторон, жаль чехол не белый.
Выровнял все спальное место, теперь ни единой ямы!
На удивление матрас оказался без запаха, спать на нем одно удовольствие, наконец то я не чувствую старые пружины старого дивана.
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