The orthopedic clamshell on the lamellae, with a mattress.

Easy to unfold and transport.

Elastic beech lamellas, rollers on legs.

Metal coating resistant to scratches and rust

Mattress is made of rigid polyurethane foam (h = 7 cm)

Load: up to 100 kg

Dimensions: 80 x 190 centimeters

Height: 33 centimeters

How often do you face with the problem of lack of beds? Even if such a need arises infrequently, there are times when you can not do without a clamshell. When relatives unexpectedly come to you  or you go to them, but you know that in their small apartment there will not be enough extra sofas and armchairs that can serve as a bed. Or maybe you're going to the country house, and there's only a worn-out sofa and a bed with a spring mattress. Sleep on such furniture leaves much to be desired. But a strong sleep is important in any situation. Your health depends on it. A perfect solution in this situation will be a clamshell.


It should be noted that not every clamshell can provide a full rest. So that you do not feel any difference between sleeping on your own bed and on a clamshell, the Matroluxe store offers to buy a quality orthopedic clamshell that will become an indispensable assistant in any life situation.

The modern market offers to buy clamshells on a fabric basis, but such models are short-lived and not able to provide convenience during the rest.

Clamshells from Matroluxe are very simply unfold and quite transportable due to the rollers on the legs.The model is based on a metal frame with elastic beech lamellae. Such a framework is hard enough to create the necessary support for your spine. Such a clamshell can become a full-fledged sleeping place even for a child.

In addition, you buy a quality mattress that is made of rigid polyurethane foam. The height of the mattress is 7 cm, which contributes to the correct location of the musculoskeletal system and complete relaxation of the body during sleep.

Consultants of Matrolux will be happy to answer all your questions. Call or come to our store.

*The manufacturer reserves the right, without notice to the consumer, to make changes in the design of products to improve their technological and operational parameters.The type of products may slightly differ from those presented in the photographs.
Product code 29165
Trademark Matroluxe
Main material Frame made of metal profile, beech slats
Box for linen no
Product warranty GOSSTANDART
Sizes 80х190 cm
Boxes no
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очень удобна, когда остаются гости начевать + еще и с матрасом идет)
мягкая раскладушка, спишь как на кровати!
среди большого выбора раскладушек в инете выбрал ортопедическую в этом магазине. Использую на даче, покупкой не разочарован. Ночью сплю на ней.


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